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Mustachio Pistachios

Mustachio Pistachios

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Jul 27th 2020

We always say that Mustachio is The Babe Babe Babes' favorite Bon! Not because we all have the same favorite but because it's the one we are most likely to be snacking on at any given time. It's old trusty. The go-to sweet and salty treat. And for good reason! Mustachio is cute, but more than that, it's the insides that really count.

A long time ago, we were invited by Forbes to make Bons at a super fancy party on the beach in Tel Aviv. We were thrilled to fly off to a Mediterranean adventure so we said yes and packed up our molds, tools and recipes for what turned out to be an incredible culinary experience. We operated out of a Kosher certified kitchen and learned so much about how to use non-dairy ingredients for texture and taste without compromising quality. The trip was incredibly informational, the chefs we met and worked with were amazing and so hospitable, but the part we never forgot were the pistachios (the sandwiches were a close second). 

Until then, we had been sourcing our pistachios from a high end distributor locally. We thought they were good because compared to all of the other pistachios that we had had up until that time, they were! In that sense, we were not wrong. When we showed up to Israel, we were put right in place! When we were specifying our ingredients, we told them that we required a kilo of pistachios and what we got was 2.2 pounds of beautiful chartreuse and royal purple nuggets that smelled almost floral and had serious weight to them. They tasted phenomenal raw and unsalted. So good that it felt almost wrong to adulterate them by lightly toasting them and mixing them with cocoa butter, milk solids and sugar. Then, after we did, they were somehow even better! 

All that time we had thought that we were using the best pistachios for our customers, but it turned out that we had no idea what good pistachios even were. Never again! 

When we returned home, we went on the hunt for an American-grown alternative to the beauts we had abroad. We searched and searched, we called friends and asked for samples. Finally, we found Heart of the Desert. What started as a grove of 700 trees planted with assistance by the local baseball team and cared for by the Schweer Family! Today, Eagle Ranch is the home of New  Mexico's first and largest producing pistachio groves! We love that they are a self-contained operation, growing, harvesting, processing, and marketing their own pistachios. 

We admire their quality and consistency and always genuinely appreciate their customer service. We believe that the care and concern that goes into a product at every step is a critical, even if a minute part of the final flavor. The little bit of extra love can be felt, can be tasted! We are honored to use such delicious pistachios and it stands to reason that they taste so good mixed until smooth with our favorite Ecuadorian white chocolate from Republica del Cacao and paired with a sweet and slightly tart light house made moscato caramel, it's a blend of sweet and savory that always does the trick. 

You can add one to your next box, using the Bon Builder or by visiting us at one of our stores!