May Bon of the Month: May-ngo-Rita

May Bon of the Month: May-ngo-Rita

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on May 5th 2022

If we had to bottle up the month of May we'd put mangoes, star wars quotes, NSYNC memes, margs & a long weekend in it.

We can't put May in a bottle but we can put it in a Bon? Close enough? Get our rotating seasonal Bon Bon Bons NOW 

This month, we put our favorite May things all together in a way that tastes good with chocolate. We made agave lime caramel that isn't too sweet and isn't too salty and not too drippy but perfectly sticky then we paired it with a salted mango curd ganache that's almost reminiscent of Trader Joes dairy free sorbet but has a little more of a "zing" to it. 

Can't forget the lime. 

And we opted for a spicy sugar dusted "rim" using one of favorite snack seasoning - Tajin (if you haven't had this stuff, you haven't lived. Seriously try it on watermelon.)

May-ngo-Rita is available all May long in-storesBon-line.