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Living Arts

Feb 20th 2019

As a shop full of chocolatiers, I think we can all agree that art class was the best class in school growing up. So, when we connected with the students of Living Arts, we could not wait to have them come and play with us! When those kiddo's walked in, they were like kids in a candy store. Between our enthusiasm for having the opportunity to get creative with them, and their enthusiasm about getting to eat a ton of chocolate that they made themselves, the shop was buzzing!

Three years of collaboration later, we've perfected our work and created a system to make custom Bons, invented, assembled and created by the students of Living Arts for their annual Fundraising Gala's VIP gifts! We have taught a lot of workshops over the years and the ability of these students to think of something and then to implement speaks volumes for the arts education that they are getting - many of the adults who have taken casual workshops with us over the years do not have that skill honed in nearly the same way!

Our next Living Arts Collaboration is in April - stay tuned to hear this years' delicious, wild and sometimes wacky flavors! 

Find more info about Living Arts here!