Leo Bon of the Zodiac

Leo Bon of the Zodiac

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Jul 25th 2022

Leo o Leo, what art thou a Leo!? Thou is: Lion's Mane caramel, coffee custard ganache, dusted with saffron, in a dark chocolate shell.

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We used Lions mane mushrooms to make the caramel - a mushroom named for it's.... lionesque looking mane! Looks more like a bunch of beansprouts if you ask me, but I guess lions mane does sound a bit edgier.

Check out this article that healthline wrote about the health benefits from eating lions mane. Though you would only get teeny tiny microscopic "doses" of lions mane, we hear chocolate itself is good for your health too so mane caramel + chocolate = healthy living!

The coffee custard ganache in this Bon Bon is really what put this hand piped confection into deliciousness territory for us. And don't forget the extra sprinkle of saffron dusted on top, too! This limited Zodiac chocolate Bon Bon is available all Leo season long in-stores and Bon-line.

Photos of Bons were taken by Tall Boys Studio