Lemonade Stand Part II: Taking on Ann Arbor!

Lemonade Stand Part II: Taking on Ann Arbor!

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Sep 10th 2021

Lemonade *clap clap clap* Crunchy Ice *clap clap clap* You sipped it once, now sip it TWICE!

Did that rhyme? We don't really care if it didn't, but we just wanted to make a point. We popped on over to our Midtown Shop and handed out fancy spritzy lemonade to anyone who bought something from our little chocolate shop. And guess what.... IT WAS A HUGE HIT! Our new friends loved it so much that we've decided to keep this lemonade party going and take out new stand, to Ann Arbor this weekend!

So if you're in Ann Arbor this weekend, make your way over to historic Nickels Arcade. Right across the way from the University of Michigan! We'll be in the bright yellow lemonade stand right next to Caravan Gifts diagonally from our friends at Comet Coffee. We'll be waiting with the sparkly lemonade and we'll have the chocolate wrapped and ready for you to consume. We'll be there from 12 - 4pm!

Look at how much fun we had when we were in Midtown this past week! If these photos don't convince you to follow us to Ann Arbor for a Part II party, then we don't know WHAT will.

1st pic: Juju pumpin that fancy lemonade syrup into cup after a customer bought a Summer Collection!

2nd pic: Lemonade pong in full swing. It was a pretty intense match up.

3rd pic: This good girl went to Bon Bon Bon and got a magnet to prove it.