Lemonade Stand, but make it BON (and vegan)

Lemonade Stand, but make it BON (and vegan)

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Sep 10th 2021

So you know that Collection we've been talking about? You know- the one that's covered in the colors of the rainbow and has shiny shimmery sweetness all over 12 pieces of chocolatey yumminess? The one that's totally vegan? Yea! That one! Well we're just so dang proud of it and we thought it would be fun if we threw a small little mini shindig in honor of it. No rager or anything like that, nay! (though we cannot control how fun this ends up being though) We'll just be setting up a little lemonade stand right outside our Midtown Detroit, Michigan shop. Though this won't be no rager, we will be throwing our hands up in the air, dancing, and having an ultra Bon time!

Yessiree do da!!! L-E-M-O-N-A-D-E stand! And guess what!? The lemonade is pink, sparkly, bubbly, cute, delicious, home(our chocolate home)made, and VEGAN! Can you believe it? We ran some tests to make sure it was up to speed with our taste buds and we can confirm- it is in fact... freaking delicious and mighty damn cute.

So to celebrate one of our favorite 12 piece of chocolates to date, we cordially would like to invite you to attend our lemonade stand party. With every Summer Collection purchase, we'll treat you to the Bon Bon Bon version of a pink drink. Swing by for some vegan friendly choco, bubble popping, hopscotch, dog petting, and jammin jams. Oh and lemonade ofc.

Midtown in Detroit Michigan this Saturday, August 14th from 12pm - 4pm will be full of happy hearts, 12 piece boxes of choco, and LEMONADE!!!!

You won't want to miss this Sidewalk Saturday happening in Midtown. We heard there's going to be macaroons crawling around by Sugar Honey Truck, live music bumpin outside our City Bird and Nest neighbors, thriftin goin in the front yard of Third Man Records, and some other party time stuff. Word on the street is that our buddies over at Shinola might even open up the coffee counter again (can't confirm though), guess we'll just have to show up on Saturday and see. We're not mad about it. See ya at the lemonade stand, friend.