Kym Kym Kym: Women's History Month

Kym Kym Kym: Women's History Month

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Mar 14th 2022

Women's History Month? At Bon Bon Bon we are women making history, every. friggin'. day. Maybe that's just our take though. 

The Babes Babes Babes are made up of a bunch of different humans from all walks of life. Somehow though, a good bunch of us, just so happens to be W-O-M-E-N. But truly we did not plan that, it just so happens that we got a lot of ladies and that's cool. 

Anyway, this one lady. Her name is Kym with a y. She works here and she's a total Babe. She's also our Operations Manager and is single-handedly responsible for making sure that things in the ground floor happen without a hitch! Or at the very least she makes sure the road ahead is a little less bumpy than it would have been without her. Kym has built a career for herself here at Bon Bon Bon, and we're proud to be able to have any sort of part in that. Our team is growing and we are always looking for chocolate-enthusiasts and not-so-enthused-chocolate peeps-but-maybe can be converted peeps, alike. Interested in working with chocolate? Check out our careers page.

So here's the short version of Kym's history at Bon Bon Bon:

  • She joined the team as a part-time seasonal shopkeeper in our itty bitty downtown shop
  • Then she was so good, she became the manager of that location (big shot!)
  • Now, she is our full-time, over-time, all-the-time Operations Manager that runs a whole kitchen & shipping department

Moral of the story, dream big, get what you want, anything is possible, and always believe in yourself. We believe in you :)