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Killer Cereal!

Killer Cereal!

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Aug 18th 2020

It's not uncommon for My Favorite Murder to be playing in the background while we temper chocolate, mold shells, make fillings and toppings and package your Bons to send them on their way to sweet, sweet you! Admittedly, we listened to Serial twice as a group in production, and then had to listen to it again when we made a new hire. It was about that time that Killer Cereal came into our lives.

That said, it was not so much about the murder, and more about our one and only Mom Mom Mom. Well, not only Mom Mom Mom, just the original one, our founder's mom, Kathy! When things started to pick up at the shop, and we needed extra help she would roll up her sleeves and show up, her signature Tim Horton's coffee in hand, to help package, greet customers, run something somewhere, give a hug, etc. She became like a mom to a large group of hooligan chocolatiers from around the world!

Now, Kathy is great but she maintains a strict "No fun cereal unless it's your birthday" policy and would fill the pantry with whole wheat goodness that was more nutritious than exciting. We had no intention of joining the "Cereal Milk Everything" craze but Alex, our founder, had never had a fruity pebble (due to Kathy's policy). When she finally did, it reminded her of Bergamot - one of her favorite things. Since our white chocolate isn't too sweet, kind of like a nice cold glass of milk, the stars aligned and a Bon was born!

But what to call it? That was all Kathy. Thanks, Mom!