January Bon of the Month: Veg Out

January Bon of the Month: Veg Out

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Jan 10th 2023

Bon Jour 2023! To celebrate the effort we all put in for a few weeks (to those who actually commit to those New Year’s resolutions, congrats and we admire you), we wanted to make something that fit that new Jan “clean eats” diet.

Proudly introducing: VEG OUT

Speaking technically, chocolate is not a vegetable but it is a fruit! No really, check out this article that breaks down how chocolate is debatably either a vegetable or a fruit. Sometimes we forget that fruits and vegetables can be delicious and often we don't think of them as a sweet treat! Let the Veg Out Bon be your reminder that chocolate fits in a food group somewhere in there.

Packing fruits & veggies in a dark chocolate shell is much tastier than it sounds - butternut squash, carrot, turmeric, saffron and cacao nibs all mixed together in a choco-caramel-blondie form in a Bon. Keen to know what the h*ll a blondie is? These folks do a good job of explaining the diff between brownies and blondies.

Try a rotating Bon in one of our shops all January long or in our box of seasonal special Bons Bonline.