How to Throw a Baby Shower at Work

How to Throw a Baby Shower at Work

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Sep 2nd 2022

Cat’s out of the bag, one of The Babe Babe Babes is having a babe of her own and we just can’t believe our Bon family is growing!

It wouldn’t be very Bon of us if we didn’t celebrate this new addition, so of course we had to throw an impromptu baby shower at the office. We called it: Operation Surprise Baby Shower - clever right?

So within 3 days we:

  • had gifts ready to go. Of course we visited our neighbors at City Bird in prep

  • thrifted $10 worth of duck decorations ( that $10 went a LOOOONG way)
  • amazon primed party essentials (tablecloth, banner, cups, napkins, plates, etc.)

  • ordered snacks that were named close enough to the future baby-to be’s name to be takeaway gifts for all 7 guests
  • created a signature cocktail drink for our 7 guests

  • made corsages for all 7 guests out of plants from our yard & leftover tissue paper and wash tape

  • made mini cupcakes, Hawaiian roll sandwiches, and light appetizers
  • successfully surprised our mama-to-be (which, admittedly we realized after the fact that surprising a pregnant person maybe isn’t the best idea).

So if you are throwing an office party and want to make your coworker feel special for an afternoon with your work family, try the Bon-way. Whether you only 7 guests to entertain or 50, this is the way to do it.

Thrift, prime, and DIY seems to be the magic recipe for a successful office party! Ever been to Arts & Scraps? It's kinda our favorite place on the planet because they have a bunch of things you didn't know you needed for things like this. Will you let us know how yours went? Send pics! We want to see how you shower your coworkers :)