Halloween + Gourmet Chocolate

Halloween + Gourmet Chocolate

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Oct 29th 2021

The week of halloween for a chocolate shop is funny because people usually are going around collecting free candy, while we are selling it. It makes us real uncomfy to be like "you should totally come buy our chocolate even though Pam has free chocolate down the street". Ya know? 

So by no means do we expect you to come buy treats when you could just knock on a strangers' door and get some for free. But if you are in need of a study break, or want to treat yourself to the good stuff, or better yet- if you want to be the coolest house in the neighborhood - you know what do to make it happen. Imagine the look on the kid dressed up as a Ninja Turtle's face when he sees you handing him a little pink box! 

Halloween is pretty predictable year after year, except last year. Yeah, that was weird. So why not surprise your trick or treaters with something hand packaged in a cute little pink box? Don't want to share? We get that too. Pass out the bad stuff, and keep the good goods to yourself. Maybe pick up something from Go! Sy Thai, get a latte from Avalon to stay up, and set yourself up! No really, you should prop up a table near the door so that everytime  you pass out candy, you get yourself a little goodie on the way back to the couch. Sounds like a dream right!? 

Happy spooky szn gouls and goblins!