Good People Deserve... a lot.

Good People Deserve... a lot.

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Dec 28th 2021

Free tampons, real butter, great snack options, a little luck, and wow we can go on and on and on about what else we think good people deserve.

We actually did go on and on about we think you deserve (yes that's correct, that means we think you are good people, give yourself some credit!). 3 Babes Babes Babes put their brains together to compile a really long list of kick ass things and at first, they thought that maybe only a few of the best ones would get picked.. but then they handed their scroll of run on sentences over to our friend, Kelly Golden, and she loved the whooooole list! Read it and weep..

This Kelly Golden character. If you haven't heard of her, click on her name right now because it might very well change the way you think of art. Anyway - we asked if she could help us make a cool poster and you know what she said? "Yeah sure, but can we donate all the proceeds somewhere?" So yeah, Kelly isn't just a talented muralist or letterist, she's also like the best kind of human. One who cares more about helping our community than profits that come in. 

So together, we decided to send all the proceeds from this collaborative print to our Detroit's own community food bank, Gleaners. So next part of the planning and inner workings of this long email chain of things peeps deserve, is to figure out how to get these printed. Kelly reached out to VGIDS, local Ypsilanti print shop, and get this! THEY OFFERED TO PRINT THEM FOR FREE!!! For real though, magical things really can happen and if this doesn't convince you that magic is real, then.... you're on your own!

So VGKIDS printed these 12" x 18" prints for us and let me tell you - it is the best wall decor you didn't know you needed. It took a village to make, but a whole lotta heart went in to doing so and the Babes Babes Babes and the honorary Babes that helped make this possible want you to hang it up somewhere that feels right to you.