Flight Network // 72 Hours In Detroit

Flight Network // 72 Hours In Detroit

May 29th 2018

Thanks to Flight Network for including us in their 72 Hours in Vibrant Detroit article!;

So, Flight Network is a leading global travel agency who each month writes blog posts to help guide their customers on what places not to miss out on when visiting awesome cities around the world. They send thousands of people of vacations each day so you know that they know what’s up!

And Flight Network included Bon Bon Bon as a place to absolutely hit up while spending time in Detroit. This is what they had to say about us:

“Feel like a delicious treat after your pizza and games? If your answer is yes, which we are sure it is, then it is time for Bon Bon Bon! This is a one of a kind place to hit up in Detroit. Especially if you love chocolate as much as we do! These beautiful, delicious little treats pack two polite bites (if you can contain yourself to two) packed with flavour. Using French techniques, a lot of local ingredients and artistic interpretation you can choose from classic flavours to familiar, to exotic and even bizarre. Trust us, you just have to try it!”

We couldn’t agree with Flight Network more. Our favorite thing about it might be that they have us paired up as the stop to make after eating pizza and playing video game at Pop + Offworld. Did you know that they have tons of pizza? Even plenty of vegan options. They also have a pepperoni jalapeño pizza that is drizzled in honey and downright perfect. 

We look forward to welcoming more Flight Network customers at Bon Bon Bon.

Find the full article here.