February Bon of the Month: Paczki

February Bon of the Month: Paczki

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Feb 6th 2023

PACZKI PACZKI PACZKI! Now say it 5 times fast… Yes yes, our beloved Paczki Bon is back and this time, with a Raspberry filling. If you don’t know what a Paczki is, we are 1 - honored that we get to teach you, and 2 - waiting til the day you get to try one foreal. First, allow us to help you pronounce this scary looking word: puhn-chkee. Now you are off to the races (there’s a Paczki run in Hamtramck, does that count?)

Get Paczki Bon

Paczki is February’s Bon of the Month because Paczki day, Feb 21st, also known as Fat Tuesday, a widely celebrated day in the Detroit area where we hail from. Paczki is a Hamtramck tradition and so is Bon Bon Bon, kinda. Check out this article that “Michigan” endorses as an explanation to what Paczki Day is all about. A ‘Paczki’ is somewhat like a donut but different in that it is more dense and always filled. Traditionally, Polish people would make Paczki to work through excess indulgent ingredients before the beginning of Lent (where the consumption of such indulgences would be limited). Modernly, Detroit people stand in long lines at bakeries to get their favorite flavors, or in lines at distilleries like Detroit City Distillery to get exclusive Paczki Day vodkas.

Try out February’s Bon of the Month and all its Raspberry confiture, fried dough ganache and donut sugar on top. Available all February long, while supplies last (pssst… they usually don’t!).

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