Father's Day is Fast Approaching

Father's Day is Fast Approaching

Posted by Alessandra Rodriguez on Jun 8th 2022

Look. Dad won't say it, but he actually really loves a good father's day gift. If he's anything like mine, he might say something like "oh no, you shouldn't have", or maybe he's more the "why'd you get me this" kinda guy. Well both of those Dads are one in the same - they'll say that but really they are probably beaming with pride & joy and can't wait to use whatever new shiny toy you just got them. 

All that to say, Dad would love some hand picked treats that are juuuuust for him. Because we all know Dad wants something to call his, and to call a whole box of Bons his would be the cherry lux on top #amiright? 

So if your dad or any dad type of character in your life needs something to much on during his fun new project that you know he has qued up, get him a box of Bons JUST FOR HIM. Click here to shop for pops now!

Bubs for Bub and coffee and donuts for the old man (maybe don't tell him we said that). In case you need a crad to accompany the gift, check out our neighbors digitally or IRL at city bird.