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Dogs Dogs Dogs

Dogs Dogs Dogs

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on May 24th 2021

Dogs Dogs Dogs!!! We can't get enough of em! No, really. Us Babe Babe Babes look forward to seeing the dogs of our world each and every day we come into work. So much so, that it was actually a question of consideration before we opened up our Midtown Detroit shop- "How many dogs will we attract if we set up shop in THIS location???" Answer: a bajillion! So naturally, we snatched the prime dog hot spot. 

Our little chocolate shop sits directly next to the most bumpin dog park in all of Detroit, so ya it's definitely everything we could have ever hoped for. But then came the next question- "How do we get the dogs to come INSIDE this shop?" We decided to make our dog friends of the neighborhood feel just as important as our human customers, so we created a designated space for all doggos to enjoy some fresh cold water and treats on the house all while they get spoiled with a thousand pets by one of our Babes Babes Babes.

But we didn't stop there! We really wanted to give our fur friends the most Bon experience imaginable and since they most definitely cannot have any actual chocolate, we decided to make something just as Bon, but safe for dogs! Lo and behold, the Bone-Eat-O was invented! Made up of dog friendly ingredients (we promise), doggos go wacko for Bone-Eat-O's! A mixture of peanut butter, oats, and Bonito flakes is uber hard to pass up when you're a dog in a chocolate shop. So next time you plan your visit to one of our shops, bring your pup in and let us spoil them!

While your out, you can always visit our friends at Cass Corridog for some extra fun and then round out your trip by grabbing some lunch at Go Sy Thai!

Until next time, human!

Theobroma Cacao