Detroitland Vending x Bon Bon Bon

Detroitland Vending x Bon Bon Bon

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Aug 9th 2022

Once upon a time, The Babes Babes Babes received this extraordinarily cute and endearing an email from a woman named Brandy Koch.

The email started with "Dearest Babes Babes Babes *emoji *emoji *emoji" and that's when we knew we were about to venture into a perfect partnership. Fast forward one meeting, couple emails later and Brandy and her husband, implemented one of their adorable retro quarter vending machine in our Midtown Detroit Shop. 

Equipped with 4 quarter slots, this bad boy is filled with hand made prizes by Detroitland's very own rock and roll duo. They even sneak some surprise giveaways for a few lucky turners! We love our new quarter machine and all the prizes it's stuffed with: Temp tattoos (sported by Babe Babe Babe, Morgan), Pop Art Bons, 3D Print & Viewers, and cutie zipper pull accessories.


Visit our Midtown Detroit Shop to take a spin and test your luck at one of these Brandy Koch / Detroitland Vending Originals. Oh, and when you open your capsule - leave it in the recycling container below the machine so that the Detroitland vending team can use them again for the next round of prizes :)

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