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Detroit Zen Center

Detroit Zen Center

Jul 10th 2019

If you ever dreamed of eating a vegan burrito while warming your butt, we should introduce you to our favorite local spot!

Every Babe Babe Babe has a favorite lunch from The Detroit Zen Center, our neighborhood buddhist run organic cafe and grocery store. Whether Ari & Alex grab a vegan burrito, or if Megan's getting a Mylkshake, we all go, we all love it, and we all feel like the luckiest shop in the world to have such an amazing spiritual and community center around the corner to feed our bodies and souls and warming our butts. Warm butts? Yep, if you dine in, you get to sit on a heated platform while you sip tea and mow down on vegan delights!

We could not ask for better neighbors - they are even heading the charge on a campaign to cover Hamtramck businesses with green roofs! If you know anything about flooding in Hamtramck, you'll appreciate the huge impact that this can have. And you know our rooftop bees will love it!