Creamsicle: Bon of the Season

Creamsicle: Bon of the Season

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Jun 28th 2022

Ever heard of a vegan creamsicle? Us neither, which was why this was an extra fun Bon Bon to make! We took something that most vegans can't have, changed a few things, tricked an "anti-vegan" kind of person to tell us what they thought about it, and got feedback from them that it was a tasty summer piece of chocolate! - We told them afterwards that it was vegan and they were mad.... at themselves. 

Vegan chocolate this way! Or want just the creamsicle? We got that too!


This dark shelled beauty is filled with a coconut orange blossom ganache that is the begging to paired with something ice cold. Beneath it sits a bright Blood orange confiture and let's not ever forget the party sprinkles that each one gets on top.

This Bon will make you change your favorite color to orange and might even convince you to get an Orange Wine from Rose's Fine Foods and Wine.