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Coronavirus & Our Commnunity

Coronavirus & Our Commnunity

Posted by Alexandra Clark on Mar 13th 2020

Bon afternoon!

All three showrooms + delivery as well as our manufactory and online store + shipping are open amid the coronavirus pandemic.  We are cancelling all classes, workshops and tours for the foreseeable future. 

Our primary concern is the wellbeing of our employees, customers and neighbors. Good people deserve good chocolate, and we mean it in the most sincere sense. We continue to follow our established cleanliness and hygiene policies and have committed as a team to complying with CDC workplace guidelines now and into the future ( We remain cashless. We are offering free shipping for orders over $100 with the code BONHUNDO at so you that we can continue to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions with you, even without you! 

Secondly, to be candid, yesterday our sales were down 70% from the same day last year. This new reality presents a serious challenge to us and to all of our small business neighbors. We have committed to facing this challenge united, as a team, for better or worse. We have grown this dream of goodness together and we will go down believing in it together, if that's what the future holds. The Babes Babes Babes are working limited schedules and sharing available shifts to get through this equitably and viably, rather than letting anyone go. You, our community, have always been what has made the incredible efforts of this team of talented weirdos possible. But as we each face our own personal financial shortfalls, our gratitude feels increasingly intimate. Thank you for being our customer.

These are uncertain times and our plan will never be perfect, but our promise is to do the absolute best we can with what information and resources we have at the time, at all times. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We'll be doing our best for you.


Tha Babes Babes Babes