Chocolate Tasting Workshop feat. Ecuador & Colombia - Bon Bon Bon
Chocolate Tasting Workshop feat. Ecuador & Colombia

Chocolate Tasting Workshop feat. Ecuador & Colombia

Jul 13th 2018

We had a super fun chocolate tasting this week. With a coooool placement to explain the chocolate to everyone as we go. It started with a green jolly rancher because that's what raw cacao fruit tastes like! Then moved on to nibs and candied cocoa nibs.

Saltines and water were included to get dat palate cleansed in between. 

This dude above is Francisco! He makes some of the best chocolate we've ever had. His fermentation process is on point. (Alex ate all the roasted cacao beans in her hotel room in Colombia.)

We also brought balloons back from Colombia! We obtained the truffles below from a cool chocolatier in Colombia. He brought chocolate to a coffee shop and we met him for a deal.

And while we were gone we got really into hot chocolate with cheese. We drank it every morning! We brought that tradition to this tasting.

Hope everyone had fun trying everything from 100 cacao chocolate to sweet marshmallow-y  white chocolate. Interested in future events? Find them right here.