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Chocolate is Always a Bon Idea!

Chocolate is Always a Bon Idea!

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Mar 10th 2021

"February is the one month of the year when peeps can eat as much chocolate as they want, and no other peeps can say anything about it." 

That's what a customer told me as they were trying to justify their chocolate purchase around Valentine's Day. It kinda broke my lil heart! NoNoNoNoNoNo!!!! Does chocolate really have to be justified? It totally doesn't! I mean of course there's something extra cute and fuzzy about buying someone chocolate in the month of love, but what if you could give that extra cute and fuzzy feeling to someone on a day they weren't even expecting it? Or why not get yourself something sweet (pun always intended) anytime you feel like it? 

Did you know that The Center for Human Pharmacology at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia performed a study in which it was determined that certain components of chocolate actually improve mood and other altered brain patterns? So in case you needed science to convince you that you should totally indulge and treat yourself, there ya go! 

Need a little push to get someone else a cute & thoughtful gift? March is the perfect month to send chocolate ~just because~. You don't have to overthink whether your boss will get the wrong idea if you send them chocolate near Valentine's Day, because hey! hellooooooo! IT'S MARCH! So don't think twice anymore. Not in March. Not ever, really! So go visit our friends at City Bird to get a cutie card to accompany your ~just because~ giftaroo, then head over to our shop and pick out the perfect treat to match the sentiment. 

This is the sign you needed to go get some good chocolate, because lemme remind you- chocolate is always a Bon idea ;)