Chocolate Covered Hot Cheetos?

Chocolate Covered Hot Cheetos?

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Dec 20th 2021

Sounds fake but also like it could be real? 

So we may not have chocolate covered cheetos... yet... but we do have chocolate floppy discs that have hot cheetos sprinkled all up in 'em ready for you to munch on. White chocolate, flamin' hot cheetos, paprika, fondant. With a big 'ol edible label across it that says "Hot Pics". Ever get a text that said "send hot pics" or "send nudes?" because we have and you know we hit them back with a meme of sorts. 

Fast forward to today time and now we just send our hot pics in chocolate form. Flamin' hot cheeto chocolate form. Made right here in the Dirty D for someone else's dirty d. what? huh? who said that? We just make chocolate