Bon of the Zodiac: Gemini

Bon of the Zodiac: Gemini

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on May 20th 2022

A Gemini's intrinsic duality is ultimately what pushed the Babes to pair flavors together that complimented one another in this new Zodiac Bon. Check out this article that feels like they know a lot about the Gemini kind. 

In a dark chocolate shell, this air sign zodiac Bon bb, has a contrasting combo of creamy vanilla bean peach cream ganache and spicy peach manuka honey caramel working in tandem with one another. The spiciness felt right to honoring a Gemini's fiery side, but the creamy vanilla was important to include to emphasize a Gemini's ~softer~ contrasting side. We all a know a Gemini that can do both and that's what this guy does. He's spicy, sweet, creamy and smooth all at once and it works for him. 

Sprinkled on top is some feuillatine shavings and a white chocolate bit stamped with Gemini zodiac signs swirled together in an array of blues and airy greens. 

Get this Zodiac Bon til the end of Gemini Season either in-stores or Bon-line.