Bon of the Season: Libra

Bon of the Season: Libra

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Sep 26th 2022

It's Libra Season! The person across the table from me said "It's been Libra season?!" But maybe that's because she is a Libra... classic Libras. 

Anyway! This month we got a ~balanced~ one for all you balanced air sign bbs. Whipped mascarpone buttercream, honey tahini caramel ganache, and some feuilletine sprinkled on top - all in a milk chocolate shell. 


Perfectly balanced, perfectly airy, and just right for Libras and all other zodiac sign babes of course. Keen to see what's in store for you and your sign? Check out this elle magazine article to see what's next for you. In case you're looking for another dessert to enjoy during your special bday season, here are some recommendations. May your birthday month be full of dessert and BALANCE :)