Bon of the Month: NAVEED - Bon Bon Bon
Bon of the Month: NAVEED

Bon of the Month: NAVEED

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Apr 13th 2021

Naveed!!!! The man. the myth. the legend. Well actually he's no myth at all- he's the real real deal! 

Naveed is one of our most loyal, faithful, and kindest customers us Babes at Bon Bon Bon have ever had the pleasure serving. In the wildest times and in the best of times, you can't help but appreciate Naveed. He is our favorite and most loyal customer and friend. You'll be having a certain kind of day and then in he walks, with an entourage of friends and after gassing you up, he goes on to beautifully describe every single Bon in the most eloquent detail one by one like they're vintage racecars. 

Naveed is the kind of guy who knows our entire menu by heart but still takes minutes to decide as he weighs out the pros and cons of pairing that Bon with the specific moment. He's genuine and he's kind and we wouldn't be us without him being him. He has this really special way of making you feel appreciated and so we wanted to appreciate him in the best way we know how- by creating an entire Bon for him. It wasn't hard coming up with a name for this bon because, well... we just decided to call it 'NAVEED' because why make it anything else!?

This Bon honors our main man Naveed in a couple of ways. We included some of his favorite flavors and textures, which are classics. He's a caramel-coconut-nut-butter-milk-or-dark-chocolate-kind-of-guy (which, if you break it down psychologically by chocolate preference is the kind of guy you want to both bring home to your mom but also maybe stay out all night until you watch the sunrise on the beach guy) but he made it clear we didn't have to shy away from some sparkle on the outside. Best part? There is a special appreciation, from Naveed to you, on every Bon. Because really, in life, I think we are all looking for someone who looks at us the way Naveed looks at a Bon.

So go out and get yourself April's Bon of the Month- a Naveed Bon, to brighten up your day. Just how Naveed consistently brightens up ours. And while you're at it, check out the cool stuff that Source Booksellers, just down the street from us in Midtown has! And pick up a Milk tea to help wash down that Naveed bon you get from Tou & Mai!