Bon Bon Bon is Mobile!

Bon Bon Bon is Mobile!

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Aug 15th 2022

Bon Bon Bon is mobile! Thanks to some of our newest Babes Babes Babes Aaron Johnson & Andrew Freels, the Bon Bon Bon team has a real pop up set up that we can take anywhere!

For eight long and bootstrappy years, The Babes Babes Babes have loved to do pop up events. We have taken our little chocolate shop on the road with a plastic folding table and a pink tablecloth with 1 too many holes throughout it. When we would hit the road through, it was hard to feel like ourselves. We didn't have the backdrop of a whimsical wonderland like we've built on each of shops, or enough pink, and we hardly even had enough table space to do all the chocolate things we usually do!

Cue Babe Babe Babe Victoria and her team of traveling macaroon purveyors at Sugar Honey Truck. She showed us her sweet set up that her boyfriend, Aaron had made for her and we knew that Aaron was our guy. He worked in the rain, sleet and snow to make us 3 totally collapsable - totally fits in a sedan - not too heavy pop up set ups. 

So we got the tables. And if you know us, cute & fun is kinda our thing. So we had to juj them up a bit, but had no clue where to even start or how! That's when the one and only Andrew came in. Andrew Freels master drawer behind Win, Lose, and Draw also the Babe Babe Babe who decorates & designs our retail spaces painted every nook & cranny of our new pop up set ups PINK! He even helped us get our iconic scallops on some of the shelves that Aaron made. 

Thanks to this dynamite duo, The Babes Babes Babes are proud and loud in PINK to show off this new mobile chocolate retail shop <3