Bon Bon Bon Fall Collection

Bon Bon Bon Fall Collection

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Sep 19th 2022

12 fall seasonal flavors in 12 chocolate handmade Bon Bons. From Hamtramck, MI to your corner of the universe, it is our pleasure to bring you this farm-fresh produce inspired collection of confections. 


if you can't wait much longer, otherwise, flavors included in this set are listed below. 

Flavors in this Collection include:

1. Squish Squash - Pepita gianduja atop squash confiture with warm spices

2. Cider & Donuts - Apple cider confiture, cider donut ganache, cinnamon sugar. Check out Yates Cider mill to see the real deal thing.

3. Zucchini Bread & Honey Butter - Zucchini butter cream, slice of honey" butter", chocolate zucchini "skin"

4. Chai Guy - Caramelized vanilla bean ganache, spicy chai caramel

5. Smoked Maple Pecan Pie - Pecan gianduja atop a smoked maple custard caramel ganache

6. Caprese - Basil mascarpone ganache, tomato balsamic confiture

7. Salty Ol Sage - Brown butter sage caramel, salted milk chocolate ganache, dark chocolate

8. Quince-a-Dense - Pistachio Joconde ganache, quince confiture

9. Fall to Peaches - Peach praline confiture, crumble

10. Parsnip-i-tea - Parsnip buttermilk caramel, darjeeling infused dark chocolate ganache

11. Sweet P - Bourbon caramel sweet potato ganache, toasted marshmallow

12. Before Bed Bourbon - Herbaceous dark chocolate ganache, whisky caramel

All photos were stylized and photographed by Tall Boys Studios