Better. Butter. Crunch. - Bon Bon Bon
Better. Butter. Crunch.

Better. Butter. Crunch.

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Aug 10th 2020

Better Butter Crunch is kind of a big deal. Like, if Bon Bon Bon had to describe itself as one Bon, it would be good ole number fifteen, Better Butter Crunch! 

It's the perfect combination of old school classic with fine flavor quality. It's got just a petite little nod to what's fancy, but it still wears Carhartt on a date, you know - in the way that looks real good. Think, the kind of Carhartt you get from that boutique store in Paris and not from Meijer. (Nothing against Meijer!) Listen, if this Bon was taking you on a date, it would totally pick up a succulent and some champs from Meijer en route, and we like that about it. You know? Maybe you don't know. If you're not from here, it's hard to explain. But if you've ever washed down a bag of Better Made Potato Chips with an icy Vernor's, you probably know. 

It's kind of a Detroit thing. And we're kind of a Hamtramck thing. And Better Made Potato Chips go inside a Bon Bon Bon like Hamtramck belongs in Detroit. 

Alright, let's break it down this way: We're talking the most classic perfectly balanced potato chips blended with creamy, caramely milk chocolate, and maldon french grey sea salt flakes. It's a little French, it's humble, it's kinda sexy without trying too hard and it's really fucking good. 

"Bon" Appetit, Detroit! This one is for you!