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Bees in the D

Bees in the D

Jul 10th 2019

As a bunch of hard working sweet (mostly) ladies, we're pretty big fans of the hardworking sweet (mostly) ladies on our roof that keep us stocked up with fresh, gooey Hamtramck honey for things like our Valentine's Day Honey Buns Bon, Honey caramels, and year round tea and snackage. Going on our third summer, the Bee's are doing un-bee-lievable, thanks to the apiary work and educational support of the amazing Bee's in the D.

Afraid of bees? Not these ladies. Our number one complaint since the girls moved in is that they just don't care about us. They're too busy! Too hungry! I like to think that they are too happy here in Hamtramck with and http://www.womenofbanglatown.comto keep them well fed. They're regular passerby's at Oloman cafe where they like to snack on Zlotan's fig plants on the back patio. I wonder if they stop by Suzy's Bar's backyard for a little watering hole? And you know they make it down to the Historic Hamtramck Stadium to snack on the wild berries nearby (no we won't tell you where) and all that sweet, sweet clover!

This year our honey was so complex - a little kick, a little heavy, a little rich, a little warm, it was, like the babes on the roof, just so good.

Want to do your part to support healthy bees? It's as simple as planting a flower! But there's so much more: