Babes Babes Babes Take Ecuador

Babes Babes Babes Take Ecuador

Posted by Alessandra Rodriguez on Sep 12th 2022

Babes Babes Babes Alessandra Rodriguez and Mar Manzanares-Bobadilla Brock took a cacao journey in Ecuador to learn all things about cacao and the industry. Thanks to Conexión Chocolate for hosting our group.Here's what they did in their time in Ecuador:

Visited cacao farms & met cacao farmers and heard all about the struggles of being a cacao farmer in Ecuador. Thanks to Unocace, we were able to pop around a bunch of local spots in Milagro, Ecuador.

Each cacao pod varies in size, flavor, and color but the ones we tasted had fruity, mango and even guava flavors going on! We sucked on the seeds and took tiny bites of the seed to see what it was all about. Would totally recommend doing and can't wait to try it again.

We toured UNOCACE's cacao collection center and co-op where we learned about fermentation, the dying process, and everything in between.

Walked through the Museum of Cacao where we learned about the history of the fruit and all the different disease types that are possible.

Visited the center of the Earth & took lots of pics on the Equator Line