August Bon of the Month

August Bon of the Month

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Sep 10th 2021

August. Yea sure, maybe it's a little late in the game, but that's never stopped us from celebratin. So what if it's the last week of August? We can still chit chat and chuckle about all things Auggie. August to us, was a month of prime time sunshine and summer fun!

As the Babes were unpacking that, they realized those feelings transcended them to the backyard. To sitting around in some lawn chairs clinking cans and laughing at the person with food all over their face. And what was the thing in everyones hand or on their paper plates? Corn. with heaps of butter on top!

So lo and behold, The Babes Babes Babes thought it only fitting to make August's Bon of the Month pay homage to that communal and backyard feeling. Thus walked in Sweet Corn & Salted Butter. The Bon! With a sweet corn confiture and some lightly salted cultured butter ganache all packed inside a milk chocolate shell, this little bb might just be one of those one-bite-ers. We've been munchin' and crunchin' on this all month long and will continue to do so until our main Babes come up with their next concoction!

September? What tastes like September? Maybe we'll check out Yates' Cider Mill for some inspo, or Rose's Fine foods to see all the pretty cakes they're making! Or maybe we'll pop into Coup Detat to get some of our artsy juices flowin. You'll just have to wait and see what we come up with!