August Bon of the Month: Sweet Corn & Salted Butter

August Bon of the Month: Sweet Corn & Salted Butter

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Aug 3rd 2022

Michiganders might not have a cool nick name like "corn huskers" but we have some damn good corn here. What they don't tell you is that it's just a midwest thing, ya know? The corn here is sweet like sugar so of course we had to throw it in some choco. 

Need it now? We get that. go NOW!

This bb has a layer of sweet corn confiture, a layer of lightly salted cultured butter ganache, some powdered corn sprinkled on top, and teeny pat of butter (made of white chocolate).

We think Jiffy would be really proud of us on this little delight because they seem to know what there doing in the corn tasting product world - in the best way! We really love Jiffy and their approval means a lot to us, because they're a Michigan manufactorer and that feels like that means we're cousins or something. If Jiffy was the older cousin who we actually call Auntie because it feels disrespectful not to? 

Any way, if you're a corn lover and have made it this far, you deserve all the corn & kernels without ever getting it stuck in your teeth. Perhaps a corny Bon can help?