April Bon of the Month: Naveed

April Bon of the Month: Naveed

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Apr 3rd 2023

No not “what’s a Naveed” it’s “Who is Naveed and why is this Bon named after him?”

Naveed is Bon Bon Bon's NUMBER ONE fan and the feeling is mutual! Naveed became one of those regulars who doesn’t just shop with us, but he really cheers us on. Whether it’s a Babe Babe Babe that he’s met for the first time or a Babe Babe Babe that has helped him a hundred times, he always makes us feel special. In fact that’s one of our favorite things about Naveed - his way of making everyone feel seen and special is absolutely unmatched!


We honor him with this Bon in order to allow others to be impacted by Naveed's good heart and Bon wishes. With over 10 different messages from non other than Naveed himself, you might find yourself wanting to get handfuls of this Bon to try to get them all.

Naveed’s choice of Bon flavor? Coconut burfi salted caramel, cashew gianduja, dark chocolate drizzle, fondant message, in a milk chocolate shell. Pairs best with a chat with the legend himself @naveedcarim.

Try a rotating Bon in one of our shops all April long or in our box of seasonal special Bons Bonline.