Ann Arbor is 1!

Ann Arbor is 1!

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Nov 8th 2021

It's our Birthday week!!!! Can you believe it?? We opened up a chocolate shop in the middle of a global pandemic, in a city 45 minutes away from our kitchen, with super limited resources. And guess what. We would do it again a hundred times over. 

Seriously though, it's because of you that we can say that. Day after day, in the depths of winter and late at nights, you'd show up knocking on our door to share a memory with us and get your in-laws some chocolate. We couldn't have done all this without you. 365 days of neighborly love from University Flower Shop. We even got friends who bring in our packages when we're gone! Lookin' at you- Caravan gift shop and Arcade Barbers. 

Let's not forget Chuck who holds down the fort every damn day at Maison Edwards Tobacconist. He helps us when we get locked out. It's happened more than once. We don't like talk about it.. Chuck doesn't judge it for it though and we love him because of it. 

It feels like just yesterday that Andrew Freels, (click the name, he's mad talented) was in our half completed A2 shop helping us paint our new signs. He spent every day for like a month straight painting, running errands, wiping the dang floors, cuttin' up stuff all for us. As an honorary Babe. Can you believe that? Then he sent us the cutest drawing of the front of the shop and we obviously had to put it on a t-shirt, so we did, and that's been going well! We just re-ordered some more from our Hamtramck pals over at Dunwell Dry Goods. 

To help us get in the party mood, we'd like to cordially invite you to our 1st Birthday party in our Ann Arbor shop Saturday November 13th from 11am til' the party stops. We'll have pink cake Bons because why not, we'll have real real cake for us to make a wish on, and Rebel Nell will be hanging out with us and selling some mighty fine jewelry pieces. So swing by, eat cake, and sing happy birthday. We'll see you on Saturday!