Love Bon of the Season: Rose &Thorn

Love Bon of the Season: Rose &Thorn

Posted by Theobroma Cacao on Mar 6th 2023

Back like it never left, Rose & Thorn is the season of love’s Bon of the Season <3 Nothing too over the top - just the right amount of frill and flare without feeling like Valentine’s Day is a flavor.


This dark chocolate shelled Bon is carefully made by infusing rose petals - yes, real rose petals, into a white chocolate ganache and a hint of white pepper. And yes, you really can eat rose petals. This healthline article even says there might be health benefits to doing so - not that we endorse eating rose petals by the fist full, just a healthy dose in your one to two bite chocolate.

White pepper is a funny thing too- it's subtle but gentle and somehow helps to amplify the rose flavor that we infuse from the petals while allowing it to stand up to the dark chocolate shell. Check out this blog post that goes into explaining what the hell “white pepper” even is. They can tell you better than we can - we just know it tastes reallyyy good.

Try out the Bon of the Season and all its rose-iness before Spring is here. Seasonal Bons available while supplies last.

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